Brother, how i have pined to knock upon heavens door, only to hark your harp so divine it provides thy heart with calm.

I have been granted leave from Hades to ask for your alliance.

The ground I was once cast concedes my release to seek an idea, that we, two halves are to return complete.

I face a task to redress faith dulled dead, as the light of knowledge turns dark instead.

As I the morning star who bore the golden calf, learn to live with its regret, all that he carved shall soon be eaten away with the disease of men.

Together in the order yet perceived as opposing forces, we are to act as his beacons of warning.

No longer shall humanity's breath, be traded for cheap as a commodity only for kings to keep.



Only together can we fix paradise lost,

Install poets as politicians so truth doesn't cost,

because hope is no longer enough,

imploding thoughts of playing God replace embracing love.

Feelings are hard to discuss which is why words are a necessity in order to survive.

Language is in decline, if man can't think then our Angels can no longer act as guides.

As the Republic burns under silent sky's before flesh gave birth to endless time,

..the people will rise,

..claim a slice,

..rightfully fight back in a war for their mind.



Mans elite condemns freedom of speech, lets preside over freeing those charged with treason who's freedoms impeached.

Was not the earth we were called to reign?

Was it not the soul we were created to change?

I am to bloody my hands protecting his plan, to save Eden from cultivation of excess from man.

Agree to fight,

not with swords,

but with a pen that writes in euphonic form for those who live with fear they can't afford.

We are to expose those crowned in fraud.. fabricating wealth,

The apocalypse is not to be ridden upon a horse, but on a wave of unpaid debt causing inflation to sore, markets to crash, rats insane in cages of crap as they worship their worthless cash.



Heaven has given way to HELL.

As they walk with their heads to the ground,

resisting linguistics

dumbed down by tyrannical tongues surveilling their young.

The Awakening has begun,

lets remove the doubt left from 2012 so it can be turned around as a weapon for humanity to arm themselves.

I'll follow your lead,

If you promise to follow mine,

two hearts that beat in time are more powerful than one,

and when we're done man shall climb from off his knees and seek justice for his children that can't bare breath.


Ruins Of Rome


Remember, Remember,

how long can this last,

borrowing to breathe as our children starve.

Revolution starts in the streets,

an uncertainty of what lies ahead,

development of the west, never content, nooses thy neighbors neck.


Currency wars waged under veiled disguise,

in a last attempt to ease the fight.

Sunken spirits are left behind in depths of despair built by design.

It's time Sterling cut allied ties,

as special requests climb in price.


The Sun sets over ruins of Rome,

creating a defiance of thought rejecting it's throne.

Generations condemned on behalf of a few,

slavery to debt the people refused,

fiat as finance is no longer of use.


Cherished metals leverage the bet,

as our capital exhales its dying last breath.

The cost is the blood societies bled,

as the Republic burns while money men fled.

Propped puppets peddle the Yen as the Pound dies a death.


Remember this minute,

before the wind carries it through time

Illusions avail once awake in the mind

Triple A rated bullshit is fixed forged by swine spawn from pig


Expect Us,

this is the last curtain call,

Greece beyond cure,

divine Islands once pure fade into the dawn.


Courage Is Ours


Akin to Owen awake in his trench,

days in rain spent with pity as friend.

Dark clouds the thoughts that hover ahead,

drowning in truth our youth bellows at best.

Where letters of love know least a kiss of comforts breast,

teething pains of Adams decent remain a reward among death of men.


Those whom die as cattle let their veins run cold,

programmed from birth to be controlled,

but cursed are the creatures whom no cannons stun,

nor unmoved when beset with the red that runs.


Dissent wears a mask to cover the tracks,

protecting persecution from political traps.

Big data is proof people are prey to wolves that hunt in global packs,

with a thirst to disease the facts, natured in a state of constant collapse.


Courage is ours, and we have mystery

Wisdom is ours, and we have mastery


United we stand, divided we fall,

we are all but beams of light that shine to the rise of our dawn,

we posses the arts,

we are a universal beating heart,

we are one.. the awakening has begun.




People Rise


Under accolades of vanity is this message ignored

a generation in debt unwillingly forced

divided for profit and conquered through war

The empire collapses under the weight of it's fraud

Music is sold to distract us from lies,

It's soul isn't lost, its just been blinded by hype.

Those who are awake have freedom to fight,

where the rich rape resources and the poor barely survive.

when life is like living behind enemy lines,

Its time crusaders unite and the people rise.

Casper- Spoken word

Born to survive


Ladies and Gentleman,

Boys and girls..

Take time to breath as we mark with sound,

a renaissance of faith you haven't yet found.

History repeats waves that gather in strength,

exploiting our dreams we haven't yet dreamt.

Surrender your pain until it's ready to bleed,

you ain't got the blues it's just your still fast asleep.

Cleanse your eyes as two suns set,

as we commence the war mourning a red rose death.

Free men are silenced as democracy dies,

the people rise with an instinct that were all born to survive.