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Moondogshake Album Review Dictated Democracy

The Generalist

Mad Max lightning storm - thunderous drums, pumping bass, sheet metal guitar, wailing harmonica and  full-frontal bear-roar vocals

These Brighton Natives are truly becoming the story tellers, the voice of the voiceless, the voice of the genre and with this album and previous creations, they need to be in your record collection or on your flash drive.


Bill Hicks once said, “The next revolution will be the revolution of ideas.” I’d like to welcome you to The Renegade Genesis.... 15/5/16

‘Disobey’, the second song, sees him sing, “can’t get out of bed, can’t face the day / because I’m over-worked and under paid.” Resonating with most under-30s these days, the song writing is incredibly on point. The promise of yesteryear’s generation being able to walk straight into a career is so very much gone. 15/5/16

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music muso

"I derive a great amount of pleasure from hearing a band for the first time and this album is no exception."

"A gargantuan freight train of blues and I'm sat here in the midst of a total eargasm."



"The opening track to their debut album , Dark Before The Dawn is a harp-heavey garage blues cry from the heart by the Brighton Group Comprising vocalist and bassist Jeremy Green, harmonica player Thomas Miles Woodbridge, guitarist Geoffrey Wilcox and drummer Rosie Flint and spoken words artist Casper James. Already winners of the 2013 brighton music awards for best song with People Rise, The Dead Reds will be adding further accolades to their mantelpiece soon. "

Music Muso - "Apocalyptic City and Put Whisky in the Glass are impressive tracks, what is the story behind the songs? "


The Dead Reds -"Apocalyptic City is many elements, fused to a kick ass stomp: it’s us starting up, it’s a protest song, and it’s a view of the darkness descending on our individual freedoms. But fundamentally we just want you to move your feet to it and nod your head full thrust.


Whisky is a good ol’ fashioned drinking song. We keep the same hours and are hardened drinkers; we’ve endured a lot of partying. So when it IS that time, we wanted an anthem. It’s also based on our A.W.O.L roadie Sam Tuffnell; that mutha can show anyone how to put the whiskey in the glass! "

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"Dark Before the Dawn a tight blues rock effort from The Dead Reds, proof again that talent isn’t always on the front covers of magazines or being interviewed by irritating fame hungry radio personalities. That may help as sometimes it is not what you know it’s who, The Dead Reds with this album is one to catch, one to buy and definitely one to see live."

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